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Portfolio: Twin Elements

Some four decades ago, I came into this world three minutes before my twin sister Kathryn. Since that moment, the mystery and complexity of the twin relationship has been a focal point of my life and work.

My subjects are photographed in a natural state that is heightened, choreographed in a way to accentuate the elements of movement, beauty, and connectedness. I work primarily digitally in photoshop by weaving different overlaying images of nature and elements to give it that ethereal quality.

I wanted to use alternative process printing because it brings a natural and historical quality to the relationships I’m portraying. The final piece of art is platinum printed on vellum and then gilded with copper, silver or gold leaf before flattening and varnishing. The final piece of art is multiple platinum prints “stitched together” to create an overall engaging experience.

Currently, I’m working on incorporating salt and albumen prints in this series and will keep my website updated with the results. This project is still a work in progress.