Portfolio: Twin Elements

Since that moment, the mystery and complexity of the twin relationship has been a focal point of my life and work.

Remnants and Margins and Livable Stories

Stories may be our greatest resource, and gathering them in from the margins is one of the greatest gifts we can offer our grandchildren.

Portfolio: Two Fronts

My work is a visual exploration of the social survival patterns, tactics and kindship of people of African decent.

Sharing the Land

I love being able to provide gardening space for friends who do not have access to sun, space, or adequate soil. An unexpected benefit of our land use sharing is the sense of camaraderie.

On Dauphin Street

The people you met in a crisis, people from all over our country, that was what mattered, people, all kinds of people.

Angels in the Wilderness

I hope the stories show that not only do black lives matter, but that the young and black in these pages are leading the way.

The Greatest Gift

In other words, this was one of those things that we think just happens to other people, and I was standing there attesting that it can happen to any family.

To: Highlander’s Friends Inquiring as to the Location of the Time Capsule

Our endurance means that we’re a place that works to hold and share memories so that we can bring our ancestors and future generations into conversation with one another about the world...

The Mansouria Story

Fifteen of us Cairo women got together and decided to start a nongovernmental organization (NGO) to bring much-needed services to the area.

Share Life, Share Death: Church, Inspiration, and the Art of William Walker

In William Walker’s story, and in his work, we find a new kind of iconography in which we all can share.

Cooking for a Cause

In six months covering the Triangle food scene I’ve noticed again and again how local chefs are incredibly supportive of both each other and the broader community.

The Fall issue of South Writ Large offers examples of the expected and unexpected ways that we share resources: kidney donation, common DNA, inspiration, outreach to the underprivileged, congregational support, creating community in the wake of hurricanes . . . the ways we can steward and uplift one another are as manifold and inspiring as our contributors!