Painting by Fatma Mahmoud

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Radical Love

From Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition translated and edited by Omid Safi, to be published by Yale University Press in May 2018. Reproduced by permission.


Dance in the Light of God

in the light of God

It’s through God
that all from earth to heaven
is made lovely

Every bit of dust
in ecstasy





A Treasure in Every Ruin

In every ruin
there a treasure buried

The treasure buried
in the ruin of my heart
is your love




Same Love

I’ll tell you something
and make it

It’s your love
that I’ll take
to the grave

the same love
will raise

(Abu Sa‘id)



Without You

You are my ease
my renewal

You are my life and soul

Without you
I don’t breathe well