Will Barnet and Bob Blackburn: An Artistic Friendship in Relief

Will Barnet and Bob Blackburn represent artistic evolutions which, while seriously fueled and enhanced by Paris movements, reflect particularly American journeys.


Working for peace is no easy task. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whom we just celebrated and honored, challenged us with his words, beliefs, and actions so that we might live into a fuller...

Portfolio: Works on Paper

As an African-American Muslim artist working in higher education, I have come to accept the unquestionable actuality of my existence in the twenty-first century, and that is that I am...

Radical Love

Every bit of dust dances in ecstasy


He stood in the rain. The woman in the yellow dress had just walked away, and he had let her. But then what could he have done? It was, after all, her decision, and if she wanted nothing to...

Layla and Majnun: The Love Story That Inspired Eric Clapton, Yo-Yo Ma, and Mark Morris

Most people can relate to the feeling of madness and obsession that love can inspire, even if their own lives are more prosaic.


I’m all of a sudden the air & wherever you are, you’re writing lines in the sky because you can’t find paper, just origami birds you can’t bear to unfold.

Interview with Paul Kottman

I became convinced that I should not to try to define or make sense of love; instead, I wanted to understand what love – understood as collective activities that change over time –...

Modern Obsession

There is the hope that love can survive and be found anew, unexpectedly, and every day in life’s little funny ways. In family.

Love: A Case for Intentional Touch from a Professional Cuddler

The cuddle practice enhances your skills. It fine-tunes your tools for communicating empathy with those you love when you want to show love, when you want to heal.

The ancient Greeks recognized many kinds of love: Eros, or romantic passion; Agape, the love that extends from family to all of humanity; Philia, deep friendship. Love, in all its manifestations, is the subject of this February issue. From a legend of thwarted lovers that continues to inspire art and music a thousand years later, to a town that opens its doors to Ethiopian refugees; from the sacred poetry of Rumi to a philosophical exploration of how love enables us to understand freedom and beauty, these articles aim to surprise, provoke and delight you.