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Tone Skårdal Tobiasson

Tone Skårdal Tobiassson, journalist and author, went from managing editor of fashion magazines to a founder of NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical) Fashion, originally a platform for sustainable development within the Nordic Fashion Association. Currently she is responsible for dissemination of information relating to a major research project in Norway, related to wool, localism, and sustainable and regenerative fashion, called Amazing Grazing. She recently cowrote Ren ull (pure wool), Norsk strikkehistorie (the history of Norwegian knitting), and Strikk med norsk ull (knit with Norwegian wool), and three books on apparel care, sustainable apparel, and repairing clothes. She is a contributor to EcoTextile News and other international publications and is a board member of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion.

Ten Things I Can’t Do Without

  1. Post-it notes
  2. My four wool bras and countless wool panties
  3. ChapSticks (I have at least five on hand)
  4. Reading glasses
  5. A very large handbag—it doubles as my office
  6. A tram/bus/subway pass with enough cash to get me home
  7. My smartphone and my laptop
  8. A glimpse of a body of water
  9. Friends and family
  10. Coffee with milk and sugar—a habit I acquired at Stanford after those all-nighters and never have been able to break