Portfolio: Paintings and Sculpture

I continue to make objects that heal. Working on them allows me to do something when there is nothing more reasonable to be done.

About Not Healing

Then it occurred to me: the resilience was not a marveled ability, a human jam, but our necessity. We were designed to dust ourselves off, with one hand if the other was hurt. We were...

Towards the Tension

What began as abstract questions, longings that I couldn’t quite articulate, became manifest and embodied in the land that I traversed.

Quit Pretending You Can Stop the Inevitable

Just as wounds mend, treatment for those wounds changes over time, as well. After years of secrecy—controlling the one element I could, the information about what happened, I no longer...

Ghosts We Carry, Healing We Practice: Medicine for Liberation

Often the healing occurs when the heart opens to what’s possible. We learn to open through practice, through poetry, through facing the past and knitting a different future.

Finding the Hummingbird

I remembered hearing once that meditation is simply paying attention on purpose, and I felt what it meant to be fully grounded in the moment.

Interview with William F. Winter

This is a great time to be alive, to be an American. If it’s not working as well as it ought to work, let’s do something to make it work.

The Hidden Leader

However, it is clear that once a monument to such a controversial public figure is erected, ethical questions will undoubtedly arise.

Theater Is the Way I Deal With Things About Which I’m Totally Ignorant

As civilians we felt that we needed a healing ritual for ourselves, a ritual (in this case a play) that allowed us to commune with veterans, understand their stories, and to connect with...

Waging Peace: A Rotary Peace Scholar’s Story

I realized that I could not allow conflict to pollute the beauty and human purity within me with fear and frustration. I have the power to love, to forgive, and to reconcile.

The Dog You Feed

How many times can a cheek turn if the other cheek is pressed against the wall?

The Mechanics of Hope | An Interview with Heather Bell Adams

I think it’s especially rewarding when a novel satisfies a fundamental and sometimes unconscious desire for redemption.

The Fall brings with it the particular beauty of its color palate but, even as the leaves flame out in a final farewell before the coming season, there is a sense of decay and demise in the nature of things. In the Fall 2017 issue of South Writ Large, we face these realities by exploring themes of healing, reconciliation, resilience, and the light that can emerge out of the depths of darkness. Through the work of our contributors, we are given to see healing that is individual and communal. We offer the reader personal journeys, communities working through ruptures, the empathy and compassion that can be learned through entering the experience of others in depth, the gift in acknowledging loss and woundedness, and especially in discovering the ability to become agents of healing for others. We invite you into these moments of grace.