Portfolio: Paintings

Expressive splatters of paint visually recorded human energy behind the act of throwing paint.

A Legacy of Guilt

Was this the best way to confront the past, to bring it out of the shadows, to admit frankly to crimes committed?

The Baquets: “Quite a History”

The Baquet family is one such family, boasting four generations of restauranteurs since the 1940s.

The President from Plains

At the age of ninety-two, Jimmy Carter is a man still ahead of schedule and ahead of his time.

Bittersweet on Bostwick Lane

This process has become a sort of poetry for me, as I document her showing me how to strain the last remnants of sweetness and color from crabapples, using bandages to catch the...

Helen Lewis and Community Building in Appalachia

There are generations of women and communities whose lives have benefited from Helen’s steady, visionary, practical, powerful work.

Sweetgrass Baskets: A Family Tradition

They are busy teaching new family members the art of basket weaving, including several of their nieces, one as young as six years old.

My Great-Grandmother Is a Cherokee

Cherokee elders are there to lead. They are the example we strive to follow—in celebrating or in fighting. They are to be seen, heard, and followed.

We live in a progress-driven, youth-oriented world. The dramatic social, technical, and economic changes of the last twenty years would make this world scarcely recognizable to someone who lived in the first half of the twentieth century. The Winter Issue of South Writ Large takes the long view in its focus on legacy, longevity, and the skill and wisdom that we receive from our elders—and how such wisdom transcends the rise and fall of ideas, trends, and styles to give us  a more inner-motivated grounding.