Portfolio: Skin Dive: Photographic Water Portraiture

As strange and unsettling as some of the images may at first seem, making human shapes almost unrecognizable, they help us recognize each other, however different we are, as fully human.

Inglewood Farm through Art and Reflection

When I first painted a pine tree, I first loved a pine tree. Before I painted the tree, I thought “How Inferior to other trees they are!” But in the painting of the pine tree, I learned...

Ten Thousand Swans

Finally, as the skies begin to clear, the V-shaped flocks that are moving from land to water and back are set off by a deep blue above them. The group in the van talks about wanting to come...

Walkabout, or, Lessons from the Land

Every day, I realize how lucky I am to share space with this land; I’m grateful for the National Parks system and all of its workers, without whom my journey would not have been possible.

Under a Blue Moon

We all fall silent as we sit out there in the middle of the lake, basking in the impossible, ethereal light of the full moon.

Looking Back Can Help Forge Ahead: Ethnobotany and Indigenous Wisdom

Chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease seem to forge onward despite ample Western medicine, public health campaigns, and expanding health budgets. Many people feel...

Waking with Water

Water birthing and rebirthing itself, an invisible miracle we just take for granted.

Thrill of the Hunt: Before, During and After

When you successfully enter the domain of a wild animal, undetected, you try to become part of the natural environment around you. Hunting is about more than chasing success; it’s about...

Whole Hog, Partial Acceptance: The Problematic Commensality of Fourth of July Barbecues in the Antebellum South

Open-flame roasting was of course a cooking technique almost universally practiced, but the specific spit-roasted, whole-animal methods of native peoples were of great interest to early...

Portfolio: Photographs

Lake Burullus is a protected area stretching over 460 square kilometers and is located toward the east of the Rosetta branch of the river Nile.

A New Name for Climate Change

We have all of the ability, all of the knowledge and all of the resources to change how we live in this world. We certainly figured it out when there was a giant hole in the ozone layer. As...

“Men come and go, cities rise and fall, whole civilizations appear and disappear—the earth remains, slightly modified. The earth remains, and the heartbreaking beauty where there are no hearts to break.”

—Edward Abbey from Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness


The Spring issue of South Writ Large is a tribute to natural resources: wilderness, plants and herbs, water, animals, trees, sunshine, and moonlight. As Spring unfolds with fresh promise, we invite you to delight in the boundless, ever renewed mystery and beauty of the natural world.